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A história de Pedro na música e na arte

June 5, 2017

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Pedro's Story in Music and Art

June 14, 2017

Pedro's story in music and art began early. As a child, he was fascinated with vinyl records and whenever he could, he would listen to friends playing guitar or would hide behind the sound equipment of DJ's at parties. But it would not be until he turned 16 that he would make a decision that would change his whole life: picking up his dad's guitar. This instrument would get to be his daily companion, becoming an integral part of his life forever.


He learned to play guitar on his own, and with the help of some musician neighbors began to take the first steps that would take him to play at bars in Niterói, his hometown. His curiosity to learn more about music was tireless, and his persistent nature led him to find free music courses where he could learn to read and write music. Without having a teacher or being able to study in formal music classes, due to lack of financial support, he asked Maestro Hermano to give him a place in the choir of the Centro Educativo de Niterói. Despite not being part of that institution, Maestro Hermano recognized his passion for music and saw a young man obstinate to become a musician.


Pedro sought knowledge wherever possible and took his guitar to all places. His family was skeptical of this choice Pedro had made because the profession as a musician represented much insecurity and economic instability. They hoped that Pedro would have a diploma from a traditional university and felt his son was on a path of uncertainty. These were difficult times for a young man who dreamed of becoming a musician. In 2002, he began an undergraduate degree in Advertising but did not feel fulfilled. And in 2003, he transferred to a degree in Journalism. In that same year, a specific event would change the direction of his story.


From the wanderings through bars with friends, he knew many people, and one of them was enchanted with the music he played. This lady noticed his talent and offered to pay for his studies at the Villa Lobos Music School, Pedro's dream at the time.


The news that a stranger had offered to pay the music course for him, motivated his family to agree to pay for it. For his parents, that was an indication that Pedro was truly determined to remain firm with the idea of ​​becoming a musician.


Pedro dedicated himself as much as he could to the music course, since he had night classes while attending college for Journalism during the day. This double life lasted three years, ending the music course in 2006. In 2007, he focused on writing his thesis to finalize the degree in Journalism (Social Communication) and graduate from college. That same year he enrolled in what would be the next step of his journey in search of knowledge in music: the professional technical course at the Villa-Lobos Music School.


Due to lack of time to study and prepare for the test, he did not pass the admission exam to the technical music course. But in 2008, already graduated from his bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, he found time to prepare for the test and passed it successfully. In the same year, he would also be accepted to a Master's Degree in Literature Science at the Department of Literature of the UFRJ. His heart was divided, music and literature were the most important things in his life at that time.


Dividing the time between these two schools, in very different areas of study, required a superhuman effort, and Pedro was forced to decide. After 6 months in both programs, he halted the master's degree and decided to dedicate himself exclusively to music. That news did not please his family, who saw in the graduate program a prestigious degree in a great university. Pedro joined various music and theater groups and presented concerts in noble music spaces of Rio de Janeiro. However, nearing a year attending the technical level of the Villa Lobos Music School and only six months of dedicating himself exclusively to music, his family pressed him and demanded that he seek formal employment to be able to support himself.


Without support, he was forced to stop the music course and look for work. He worked for some time selling English courses, but unhappy and with nostalgia for music, he lived in anguish, he was looking for a way out. One fine day, in the middle of the workday, a call from his former music director would change the course of this narrative. He received an invitation to a trip to play for 3 days at a Chorinho festival. Pedro traveled with the Choro group leaving the job as a salesman. Upon returning from the trip, he got more jobs to play in the evenings and give private lessons to more students.


The following year, he reopened his enrollment in the technical course of music, which he completed in 2010 and still won the Music School Festival as best composer. With the result, naturally, things began to fit in and flow in the direction of living exclusively from music. Pedro was discovered by music lovers and became part of the music scene in Rio de Janeiro, playing in various groups. With the technical course completed, the next step was to enter a bachelor’s degree in music. He got to register for UFRJ and UNIRIO to attend in 2011.


Pedro had been teaching private guitar lessons and met Tatiana through a friend in common. Tatiana began to have classes and to attend his concerts. After a few weeks, they were very connected, decided to interrupt the classes, and became a couple. They were married in 2010, and in 2011 they moved to the United States, where Pedro could continue his studies in music - he studied Jazz. Although he was accepted by major American universities like Berklee and The New School, the cost to attend was very high. He looked for an alternative, entered the program of general music at the City College of New York, and prepared for 1 year to be admitted in the rigorous program of Jazz of the university.


Today, two years after graduating from CCNY, he performs in the New York scene as a musician and teacher. Since the beginning of this adventure, almost 20 years have gone by working and perfecting himself as an artist. Pedro wrote poems, lyrics, composed songs and arrangements, and selected the best and most expressive from his creativity. The result is a refined and special collection for his first album, which speaks of the preservation of the environment and the maintenance of the folklore and history of the Brazilian culture. After much planning and determination, we have prepared the crowdfunding campaign that begins in July. We want you and all the people in your network of friends to be part of this process with us.

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